Winter is Coming! Game of Homes… Part 1


The Real Estate busy season has quickly past. It was a positive year for Real Estate and home owners are rejoicing as they see their home values increase finally after years of stagnation.

Are you ready for next year? This is the time to plan ahead. We would like to share some things we think the prudent homeowner should think about.

Basic Maintenance:

Maybe you need to take care of some basic maintenance? How’s your roof, gutters, deck and exterior paint?  Maybe your furnace is inefficient or your hot water tank looks like a relic from the 70’s. Get your bids in now and get scheduled before contractors get to busy. Do your due diligence we always recommend getting 3 bids from different contractors. Look for referrals from trusted friends and family and also look for yourself.


Remodeling Magazine puts together each year a cost vs. value (ROI) on home remodeling projects. If you are looking to improve the value of your home you should acquaint yourself with what improvements will give you the best return.

For 2016 for Seattle WA area we found 7 projects that have a positive ROI.

  • Attic insulation: 150.3%
  • Manufactured Stone Veneer: 142.8%
  • Garage Door Replacement: 136.9%
  • Entry Door replacement: 127.9%
  • Deck Addition (wood): 106.9%
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel: 104.3%
  • Siding Replacement: 103.2% (Remodeling Magazine)


From the above list you can see one theme pretty clearly, improving your curb appeal gives you the best bang for your buck.

Contractors are busy these days, often you’re looking at least 3 months before they can get to your project. So it’s prudent to get the conversation going now and be ready for the spring.

If you want to know the value of your home or what you could do to improve your value or you need a referral, please contact us, we’re always open.

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