Can’t find the right house in today’s market? Find a piece of land and build one.

Ever thought about just building your next home? You can have it how you want, it will be brand spanking new and you don’t have to worry about what you don’t know with an old house. Like what’s lurking behind the drywall? When the roof is going to fail?

One of the advantages of building a new home can be instant equity. Typically when you buy a resale home the value you paid for it becomes the new value. When building if you stay within your budget, it’s possible to have an appraised value higher than what it cost you to build.

Where we wanna help, is finding that perfect piece of property to build your dream home on.

Below is a brief outline simplifying the process of buying of land and making sure it is suitable for your needs. It can be intimidating process to build a home but we can help.

Land development flowchart - New Page

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